Thursday, January 19, 2006

yellow underwater walkmans and the joy of punk

here it is . a pivotal album for me aged 15 . a glorious pastiche design wise of sgt peppers , cept with punk rockers/outsiders/bums on the cover.

a glorious double album on cherry red records. it has tracks by all the biggies cept the clash and pistols cos obviously the multi nationals didnt wanna play ball with cherry red (then in their prime - early 80s).
it also brought to my attention lots of great - atv , wire and the then current wave - the business,anti-pasti , gbh etc........
this became a referential bible for me .

the clash catalogue had been battered by this point (mostly listened to on mates yellow underwater sony walkman whilst standin waitin for english lessons to begin after lunch) , so i was lookin for new darker kicks.......this album provided them.
there are great inner sleeve notes, which in turn inspired me to read more about punk and i then started to buy lots of 7"s and lps from maggie moores in smithfield market..............the best record shop ever maybe .

there is a volume 2 to this album now out on cd...but it went down the oi! route a lot more .
havin said that a lot to be said for the 'punk and disorderly' compilation...

but another day for that one.

so god bless seamus heaney poetry lessons , the clash and graeme's amazingly 'modern' underwater , plastic , yellow sony was th ebirth of punk rock............but not as we know it jim.

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Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

seamus heaney my arse, I say !

3:13 PM  
Blogger suspectdj said...

all year the flax dam festered in the heart of the townland.........

6:58 PM  

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