Sunday, December 18, 2005

the number 24 bus to chingford

i have decided to show you some of the lovely records i have ........but why keef ?

a. they have lovely covers/designs .
b. they have bad covers / designs.
c. they are great records and i insist upon telling you about them .
d. there is no d.

so who is the classy lady above keef ?

it is the very classy miss mandy smith . she was famous for shagging bill wyman back in the 80's.
the record is a 12" picture disc on pwl is the home of the stock, aitken and waterman hit factory.
like other pwl records the production is uber flimsy could piss through this record (obv you could actually piss through th ehole in the middle actually) .
i first heard this on a compilation called 'balaeric beats vol 1' . the record is a 4/4 , house lite, dreamy, ethereal , whistful little tune with mandy panting , 'i just cant wait' over the tune .

hey mandy , what are you waiting for ?
are you waiting for bill wyman to come and hit you on the head with his bass ? are you waiting for the number 24 bus to chingford ? are you waiting for top shop to offer you our own classy lingerie range ? , hang on mandy i know ...............
you are waiting for me .
you are waiting for me to walk into that photographic studio which you are sat in and take you away .....we could fly to the balaerics and lose our hearts and minds together on the dancefloors of ibiza..........we could settle down in a classy mock tudor mansion in essex somewhere - you' like that mandy , wouldn't you ?
problem is mandy......i dont like your lingerie, your hair and i suspect also your brain ......

mandy it could have been so special , but you blew it .


Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

Love her outfit.

1:40 PM  

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