Monday, December 19, 2005

the coolest cover ever ?

i really like this cover . i dunno why . well , i do really. i particularly enjoy the guy third from right .
i like his skinny,bandy legs , his loosely buttoned fred perry tshirt and also the way he stands so staright and upright . this guy is a coooool guy .

i like the entire composition of the cover .
its a mocked up cop line-up , they are wearing balaclavas , they are all wearing black and i like the font .

i only recently managed to track this record down after about 9 years or so of trying to find it. it's a punk rock record from the early 90's from san that may sound shit as a concept , but there is a wonderful energy within the grooves that is so infectious. these hard men get right under your skin.

it is a brutally produced record, but not in a bad way can feel the electricity bouncing off the grooves.
i heard it drunk in a friend andy's living room about 10 years ago had been a good night and as soon as andy put this record on i fell in love with it.

enjoy the cover .


Blogger Culla said...

give us the mp3, keef! here's a review about stuff and co that happened in the 05... Click away!

5:25 PM  

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