Sunday, January 08, 2006

dishwater and testicles

look who it is.........its everybodys fave , the ramones .

my mum , granny (all dead) , the 7 year old schoolkid on the block all like the ramones now courtesy of their trusty logo being easy to rape onto a tshirt design for fuck all pesos in deepest east asia..then transported onto our high streets via top shop , urban outfitters and miss selfrdiges...the tshirts have sold like hot cakes.
one assumes the buyer then goes thru a guilt process and thinks , 'hey hang on schmucko ..i dunno wot this ramones man is '........ its ok dude , fear not can buy their music cheap....and that logo is fucking hot.
everyone namechecks the ramones as a key influence. i dunno bout suspicious.

however, i do love em and always have since day i bought this in 1985 in a record store above a health food shop in the exotic part of belfast then.
i got a lyric sheet in it and read and sang along with the nihilistic lyrics. i loved it . 60's pop melodies with loud fuzz..this was what punk was meant to sound like ....and thank did.
a classic cover as well. cool geeks...thats a tuff look to pull off , but they do it.

so , back in diamond studded tshirtsville...i was in a bar recently and saw some trailer trash boy wearing a clash tshirt - the pearl harbour font fact fans - and clearly he would have had no idea what it was , but it went with his ripped jeans kind of disappointed me to think that unfortunately ....da punk rock music has been culturally hjacked.....this was a 'rebellious' look in club pazzazz with the boy's ripped jeans .......but this was once a badge of difference , of some sort of , it seems to be dressing in black , blemishing some lipstick down side of yer mouth in fake blood stylee means yer rebelling......ah well...........good enuff youth ...carry on .

beat on the brats.

now playing - curb your enthusiasm


Blogger Mark said...

I don't own any Ramones records.
But I've read all their lyrics written in biro on a table in a cafe in Athens. They did most of the Buzzcocks lyrics too.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

"Sheena is a punk rocker,nooooooow". Never bought any of the discs but I love hearin' 'em on t'radio. I saw a "punk" (loose description)on a bus last November. He had the hair, the chains, the studs and a natty pair of designer label bondage strides. Plastic wanker, I thought. Why didn't he make them himself, isn't that what it was all about, doin' it yourself?
Maybe I am gettin' old. Maybe.

7:17 PM  

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