Saturday, January 14, 2006

hup 2 - 3 - 4

1985 or 86 this is roughly from on miles copeland's i.d label .
its the syd presley experience ..........they later morphed into the godfathers.

i dont think i even heard the godfathers. didnt care for them . but i like dthe presley men .

just fuckin hard psychedelic rocky garagey shit . it was the punk version of 60s psyche.

they did a killer performance on the tube after i had bought this. they did a cover of ono/lennon's 'cold turkey' . they played all dressed mainly in black suits . some top turtle neck action going on ...they looked mean .

this record is ferocious . just a groove with singer sayin 'hup two three four' every now and again . the drums are like bullets passing your ears.
the bside is a track called 'public enemy number one ' . it is also fierce.

there was a follow up ep which contained 'cold turkey' . i never bought it . i held it once in my hands thinking of buying it when it came out , but i didnt . i wish i had. that was it from the presley men . they then became the godfathers. it was a short life.

i bought this record for 99p in Mr Records - the rudest record store owner EVER . you would walk in , and cos you were shabby youth , he would say 'get out' or 'no browsing' .

a fucking charmer.

now playing : blackburn vs bolton


Blogger hectic Planet said...

Sorry, this has nothing to dow with your last post, but I wanted to ask about that 'T#2 BEAT SPECIAL' magazine you talked about - I've tried with no avail to get my hands on a copy, apparently it's only available in Scotland/specialist bookshops. Anyway, I just wanted to ask what Dave Grohl did for the mag.

9:52 AM  
Blogger suspectdj said...

hey hectic
i imagine dave grohl was interviewed in the mag . i wouldnt follow modern pops like grohl - not my scene maaan .
i bought the mag in borders in brighton , uk.
try ebay i imagine.
the dj

8:05 PM  

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