Thursday, January 12, 2006

cwith eubank on thpliffths

uk hip hop...........a dirty word . nonsense .

here is a killer piece of plastic. all the way from 1988 on simon harris' music of life label .

music of life put out some crackin records which have been lost and forgotten about in the midsts of musical rewriting...........much like psychobilly..........a genre surely due a revival...or maybe we will have to wait for that from franz ferdinand whenever they don leather jackets and quiff their hair for the next will be back.

so ,yeah , mc duke . he was from east london and did this killer tune ....i'm riffin (english rasta) has the funkiest loop ever which underpins the entire tune . it has the force , brutality and funk of public enemy . the duke does not try and pretend to be american , he drops names like forest green , manor park ...areas close to his heart . i have 2 other 12s by the dukester , both good , but not a patch on this tune.

i never bought his album , which had a strange cover of him dressed in country gent style in front of huge country estate , wearing a monicle over eye , with his crew in tow...this kinda put me seemed like the duke was losin his 'street' edge ......

manor park keep dancin

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Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

Is that one you kept then?

Not hiphop but bend yer lugs round this. The human voice as instrument.

12:28 PM  

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