Monday, January 09, 2006

feel the psychedelic , gun totin' love

here they are .......... minus van morrison .

he's gone to play sub rate blues or the rest of his days and whitter ona bout random streets in eats belfast that he played 'marlies' in .......very god van ...on ya go son.

meanwhilst , our brave heroes above , ex shipyard workers et al stuck to their garage rock guns on this record.
they dont need van ........let him go and cry about tb or wotever it is .
these lads just wanna rock.

this is a belter of a record . i had it on tape aged 15 at school from a boy named locky ...locky now is a regular dude who i imagine has forgotten all about them belfast gypsies.

i didnt get off that lightly. i carried the burden of knowing id have to track this album down, as well as the flipside of the tape which contained an album called 'scum of the earth' on it .

both albums now sucessfully in library of death . both belters if ya like 60s garage rawwkk.

i loved it as a youngster.

now playing : some dreadful modern electro dance comp by headman . wots the point headman ?


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