Thursday, January 26, 2006

radio , mousetrap with cheese and all the relishes and heroes and villans........

look at that for a cover. brilliant eh ? a crazy guy and a wardrobe........for the cunningly titled ep from the vibes , 'the inner wardrobes of your mind' .

this is an absolute gem . the vibes were scousers from wot i can glean . they never got written about in the press during their short existence - 1984-86.
they released 2 singles and one crackin album during that time. the first ep appeared on the big beat label . it intorduced me to their psychoblly sound.
unfair this lot got lumped in with that movement .......they were probably more at home listening to roky erikson records than johnny burnette .

this ep contains 2 killer tracks - 'scratch my back' and 'im in pittsburg and its rainin' (a cover of 60s garage classic by the outcasts) . i heard these tracks first in session on peel's show. i was a fan by then , so happily tuned in and got the tape deck ready on play/rec pause. i taped it .
then they released this around november 1986 maybe (?). their album 'whats inside' is another stone cold psyche classic - its fucking loud and raucous . the vibes clearly meant it and sounded like no other band around.

they mutated into the purple things who cranked up their heavy, psyche sound yet further ......i guess the vibes did split due to musical differences then they had a few rockabilly cats in the band , so maybe they found the new sound a bridge too far.

a great lost band and great lost records that will remain that way i am sure.

go seek em out

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Blogger An said...

Joan Collins is not bad, though from the old days... ;)

2:39 PM  
Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

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Blogger Mudflapgypsy said...

you have flown the coop and no mistake !!

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